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Private company registration

Class 3 DSC

Director identification number

Upto 15 lakh authorized capital

Required timing - 5 days

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Trademark registration

Trademark filing under one class for proprietorship and small enterprises

Inclusive of government fee and taxes. (including govt fees of 4500)

Required timing - 2 days

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GST registration

Secure GST identification number

Completely online – no need to visit office

Secure GST identification number

Required timing - 5 days

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Vibrant team

A talented workforce that works in collaboration with a network of over 6000+ Professionals.


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Frequently asked questions

How to get a company registered ?

What is a Private Limited Company?

What are the Time Period for filing of Forms for pvt ltd company?

what is commencement of business under pvt ltd ?

How to incorporate changes in membership after death?

What is a Section 8 company?

Is FDI permited in LLP?

What is trademark registration ?

Can trademark be renewed in India?

What is the Full Form of GSTIN Number

What is the ROC compliance for a Private Limited Company?

Can I file ITR 5 form Offline?

Which section of the GST Act talks about annual return?

Is it mandatory to file GST return?

Who should file ITR 1?

Who is eligible to file ITR-2 for AY 2022-23?

Can we file an ITR 3 without an audit?

Is it compulsory to file the ITR4 form for 5 consecutive years once filed in a particular year?

Is DSC compulsory for ITR 6?

Who needs to file itr7?

When TDS is not required to be deducted?

What will be Rate of TDS on 194Q?

Whether sales consideration includes GST component?

Is audit mandatory for private trust?

Is AGM mandatory for LLP?

Is audit compulsory for proprietorship?

What is the ITR for partnership firm?

Can family members be members of society?

How much time does it take to get FSSAI license?

Can an Indian citizen who is living abroad allowed forming One Person Company?

Is there any limit on a number of shareholders in a Public Limited Company in India?

Do we need to renew IEC certificate every year?

Is IEC is required for import or export of goods for personal use?

Who can attend trademark hearing?

Is ESI return mandatory?

Is it mandatory for the Employer to register under the scheme?

. What is the due date for yearly PF return filing?

What is DPIN?

What is price for franchisee?

What are the Time limit for issue of credit note and debit note?

Can copyright be unregistered?

How can we get auditors?

Can a registered society be a limited company?

Is PF compulsory for all employees?

Which Form is required to be filed for appointing a new Director?

What are post compliances one needs to comply with once a director has been removed from the company?

Can a startup be registered as a Public Limited Company?

Can I have more than one CRES?

What is trademark registration ?

What is a Directors Identification Number (DIN)?

What is the maximum limit of members Requird to start public ltd company? .

Is there any tax advantage on forming an OPC?

Can Section 8 company make profit?

Is trademark valid for 5 years?

Can trademark be renewed by paying the renewal fee in India?

Do I need a bank account for the GST Registration

What are the document required to add a director in a Private LTD company?

What is the due date to file ITR 5 form?

Can GSTR-9 be revised?

How many returns are there in GST?

If Agriculture income in a financial year exceeds Rs 5,000,can i file ITR 1?

Can a non-resident India file the ITR 2 form?

Can I file the ITR 4 under 44ADA if I filed the ITR 3 last year which was the first year of filing? The 5 years limit is for 44ADA as well.

What is Schedule FD in ITR 6?

Is DSC compulsory for ITR 7?

What are TCS charges?

Is trust income taxed twice?

What is the tax rate for LLP?

What are few proprietorship compliances?

Can partnership firm show profit less than 8%?

What is yearly compliance apart from ROC?

Can a society enter into a contract?

What is proof of premises in FSSAI?

Is Foreign Direct Investment allowed for One Person Company?

What is the last date for IEC Updation?

Do we need to take different IEC number for each firm?

How do I find my trademark date of hearing?

Who is required to file ESI return?

Can we withdraw ESI amount?

The due date for yearly return filing is the 30th of April every year.

How much capital is required to start a Limited Liability Partnership?

What are criteria for franchisee?

What are Duration for which the books needs to be maintained under companies act?

Why are copyright important?

How to assign audit work to CA?

Are societies legal entities?

How many employees are required for EPF registration?

What are the preconditions before removing a director?

Can NRIs/Foreign Nationals be a Director in Public Limited Company?

Is any Returns to be submitted by the exporter?

What certificate is required to open a public limited company?

Who cannot form a One Person Company?

Who is owner of Section 8 company?

Can you lose a trademark?

What if trademark is not renewed?

Which Organisations are Exempt from Gst Registration?

is it mandatory to add a Private Limited after the company’s name ?

Who are not required to file Annual return?

. What GST returns need to be filed if a registered business terminates its operations permanently?

How do I file my ITR-1 Form?

What is the structure of the ITR 2 Form?

Who is eligible for ITR 3?

Is Balance Sheet compulsory for ITR 3?

Can a salaried person file ITR 4?

Who can not file ITR 6?

What is the Last Date for Filing ITR 7 Form?

Is section 194Q applicable to the purchase of capital goods?

How does a family trust get taxed?

Is LLP required to maintain minutes?

What deductions can a partnership claim?

Which Form is to be filed for the appointment of the statutory auditor?

Do incorporated societies need a common seal?

Can a foreigner/ NRI become Nominee of One Person Company?

What are the types of Public Limited Companies?

Is IEC is only required for goods?

What happens if IEC is not renewed?

What is the show cause hearing in the trademark?

Is there any annual return for ESI?

When can we file ESIC Return?

How many days it will take to clear the PF amount?

Any qualification needed for franchisee?

What are Duration for which the books needs to be maintained under GST Act?

What are 5 copyright laws?

How to explain the doubts raised by auditors?

Is PF compulsory for private company?

Can director appoint another director?

Can a Minor become a Director of the company?

How long is Rcmc valid?

Can a limited liability partnership (LLP) be converted to a private limited company?

Why OPC is better than private limited ?

What are the conditions for voluntary conversion of OPC to Private Limited Company?

Is Section 8 company taxable?

Which is not protected by trademark?

what are the commodities which is outside the purview of Gst?

What will happen if I make any mistake while filing ITR 5 form?

Is penalty levied on late filing of GSTR-9?

What is due date to file gst 1?

What are the details required for filing ITR 1?

Can ITR 2 Form be filled online?

Can ITR 3 be filed without CA?

. Who is eligible to use Form ITR-6 for A.Y. 2022-23?

Which is the base year for the threshold limit of Rs.50 lakhs?

Who is eligible for TCS tax?

When can you distribute trust income?

When should we file Form 3 of LLP?

. Are audited Financial statements mandatory while annual filing of the Private Limited Companies?

What is FSSAI stands for?

What if, if the turnover of the company exceeds Rs.2 Crores?

Who owns a public limited company

Are there any renewal and returns in IEC?

Are Government departments required to have IEC?

How do I check my IEC renewal status?

What are the documents required to be filed by a LLP annually?

when is Maintenance of Books of Accounts compulsory Under Income Tax Act

how will you get Audit report?

Can a society run without registration?

How can director removed from office before expiry of his term?

Can directors remove other directors?

Are the assets of Directors of Public Company safe in case of any loss?

For whom is Rcmc mandatory?

Can OPC raise funds ?

Is public limited company owned by government?

can we convert a partnership firm into an LLP?

Who is eligible to act as a member of OPC?

Who can oppose a trademark application?

 Is it necessary that Section 8 Companies are to be incorporated as a limited company with share capital ?

How long is Gst registration valid?

Do Private Companies have to release annual reports?

Who can not file ITR Form 5?

Still have confusion?

Who Cannot claim 44AD?

What are the consequences of not deducting or not depositing TDS?

What is the turnover limit for TCS?

Does a trust get a standard deduction?

Is annual compliance mandatory for all LLPs in India?

Can a partnership firm file loss return without audit?

When is annual return to be filed after the AGM?

Can society open saving account?

Why is FSSAI needed?

Is it mandatory by law to get the signature of a Company Secretary on the annual return of an OPC?

What happens if IEC is not renewed?

What happens if a trademark is objected?

What is the impact of TCS on e-invoicing under GST?

What is ESI return?

How can change Join Date in ESIC?

What is the PF contribution?

What if i dont know how to handle clients as i have no knowledge of subject?

What extra apart from rs 15,000 i need to pay?

Are there penalties for violating copyright

Who can be members of society?

What is purpose of society Registration Act?

Who is not eligible for PF?

Which section deals with the Procedure of the removal of a Director

Are there any requirements for minimum paid up capital to set up Public Company Registration?

Is FDI allowed for OPC?

How many types of RCMC are there?

What protection does trademark give?

is it mandatory that the name of section 8 Company shall include the words like – Foundation,forum,association,federation,chamber,confederation,council,electoral trust etc. ?

Is Pan mandatory for Gst Registration?

What is the minimum turnover and capital required for Pvt.Ltd.Co. in India?

Which income comes under 44AD?

When should we file Form 8 of LLP?

What are Due Date for filing DIR-3 KYC

What is form IX in FSSAI?

Do restaurants need FSSAI?

Can OPC become a member of another private Limited company?

Can NRIs/Foreign Nationals be a Director in Public Limited Company in India?

IS dsc needed for filing reply for hearing?

What is the due date to file TCS return?

What shall be the rate of TCS if the buyer fails to provide its PAN or Aadhaar?

What is current ESIC limit?

Can I increase my EPF contribution?

What are the time limit to file annual documents?

How can society sell its property?

Is a trainee an employee under the Act ?

Can a person be director without DIN?

Who appoints board of directors?

What if the company fails to comply with provisions?

What is Rcmc in IEC?

Is audit Compulsory for OPC ?

In which cities client filing incorporate OPC?

How many sections are there in copyright law?

Why a trademark is important for a business?

Can Section 8 Companies receive contributions from overseas or non-residents?

Who needs to furnish ITR Form 5?

What is new rule for GST registration?

Is partnership firm liable for tax audit?

Are there any requirements for minimum paid up capital to set up Public Company Registration?

Is ESI half yearly return mandatory?

Who is required to file ESI return?

Is PF taxable?

Do LLPs allow Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

What is the copyright symbol?

How do you appoint new director in existing company?

Is FSSAI annual return mandatory?

What is the GST rate for RCMC certificate?

Who can become the member of an OPC?

What are the benefits of RCMC registration?

Can copyright be renewed?

Can a registered trademark be removed from the register ?

As per Indian law, How many maximum directors can a Private Limited Company have?

Can LLP issue debentures?

. Is it necessary to conduct AGM?

Which form is to be attached to the Companies Director Report?

How many days does it take to register a public limited company?

What is the meaning of tin number and how it is different from GST number?

How can the tds be paid to central government?.

Which is better LLP or Private Limited Company?

Can we convert a Partnership Firm into an LLP?

Are foreign nationals or NRAs allowed to become a member of society?

What is the accounting year for Provident fund account?

What resolution is required to appoint Directors?

What are penalties for late submission of Annual Return in Fssai?

Still, have confusion?

Can we export without Rcmc?

Can we have copyright for a logo?

how to select a good trademark ?

Still, have confusion?

Can a registered trademark be amended at later date ?

Is there any relaxation in stamp duty payment on transfer of shares of section 8 Company ?

Is Ca mandatory for LLP

Is physical verification mandatory for gst registration?

Can I claim an amount in ESI if I take treatment in private?

What is not protected by copyright?

What is late fee for FSSAI renewal?

Since Incorporation, Company has not done any business, do we need to file ROC Return?

Does a One Person Company have perpetual succession?

. Is there any fixed amount of Capital required to start a Limited Liability Partnership?

Is it compulsory to take GST registration in multiple states?

What is due date of FSSAI annual return?

What is Penalty for late filing of Company ROC return?

Can NRIs/foreign nationals become directors in a private limited company?

Can a person act as a member of more than one OPC at the same time ?

What is a copyright act?

What is Annual Filing due date?

Can a minor become a member or nominee of an OPC ?

Is any time limit to file annual documents?

What is ROC Return Filing fees and charges?

Can we change Company Registered office address after Incorporation ?

Can one register a private limited company on their home address?

Can the director of a private limited company charge salary from the private limited company?

Is any amount of minimum capital fixed to form a private limited company?

Does one have to be present in person for the incorporation of a private limited company?

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